Working with a mentor in spiritual practice is similar to training in the arts and their many disciplines, so directions it may take are unpredictable. The dynamics involved vary greatly with each individual, changing over time, layered and open-ended. If your practice feels stagnant and your discipline rote, or if you struggle with direction and seek clear instruction and customized guidance, consider one-on-one mentoring.

It is hard to imagine a more skilled and capable guide for those seeking to find their path of practice in Buddhism today. Drawing on a vast reservoir of Buddhist and Western thinking and his own training and experience in traditional practices, Diego offers a pragmatic and grounded approach without compromising either the depth or the integrity of traditional teachings.

— Ken McLeod,

Available for mentoring and consultation through Skype or Google Meet. An introductory session is used to consider a basis for working together. We discuss where you’re at and what you’re looking for, but also what I offer and expect. The work typically takes place in 1-hour sessions twice a month for a semester, after which we review the process, and consider how to proceed. Gradual progress is based in consistent formal practice. Study and behavioral changes are sometimes requisite.

Working with Hokai helps me stay near my growth-edge, and look at things with a fresh perspective, even situations I think I already know very well. Some of our work together is about guiding me in meditation practices, and inviting me to look at what is the very moment-by-moment experience of being.

Another important aspect is helping me contextualize this in my work — Hokai understands the deeper patterns at play within organisations, and I greatly value our discussions on how to work with them.

— Steve Alexander, technology executive

I don´t know anybody else who combines warmth, wit, humor, empathy, depth and knowledge the way Hokai does. He is so alive it is contagious. Always understanding but never complaisant, he can come up with reflections that are pure poetry, but he can also laugh – and make you laugh in insight – during the most difficult moments.

Hokai listens. He embraces whatever it is I might be going through and, from there, he opens windows, he lets the air in, lets in the light, and points toward another way, a livelier way, a more open and truthful way of standing wherever I am. This has often helped me move in a new and more meaningful direction.

During our four years of work together, Hokai has patiently shown me a new dimension to being alive. Practicing with his guidance is a privilege and has become a landmark in my life.

— Mori Ponsowy, writer and poet

I have worked with Hokai for over two years now. He has been a wonderful teacher who has helped to open my heart and mind in ways that would have been virtually impossible on my own. The net result for me has been a life with more meaning, more play, more juice, and more heart. What more could you ask from a teacher? Despite our distance, he has always been quick and thoughtful in response to any questions I’ve had.

I absolutely, unreservedly recommend Hokai as a teacher and spiritual mentor for anyone who might be looking for guidance. Hokai is a pathfinder who can help you find the questions to ask and enable you to discover the heart of your practice.

— David Carnes, entrepreneur and musician

People come to mentoring with a variety of needs and backgrounds, not to mention different aptitudes and levels of experience. While novices are welcome, many of students I have worked with are practitioners familiar with a range of methods. Often they’ve had their share of disenchantment, and are now trying to cultivate a path of practice they can call their own, perhaps outside of an institutional framework.

Ethical guidelines clarify what is expected in mentorship.

A simple confidentiality policy.

Tuition is variable, rates available upon request.

Please use the contact form to set up a free introductory session.